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If photography is the art of making a second last forever then why not make it part of an amazing culinary experience? And what if that was all it took for a diner to stop and actually walk through the door of your establishment? It can happen. Professional food and beverage photography has the power to motivate diners to try your concept for the first time and return, again and again. When your images recreate the rich flavor of a dish, and are done well with dedication and heart, nothing can be more motivating. 

As a former restaurant owner/chef, there is nothing more powerful than a beautiful photo of your creations keep your customers coming back and attract new ones.  Having your patrons taking pictures of their food with cell phones and placing them on social media is a fantastic tool  to help spread the word and for some restaurant owners, they feel that is all they need.  But when you are ready to take your marketing to the next level with professional photos, the world is your oyster!  

We work with you every step of the way to ensure we are capturing your vision.  We bring our expertise in photography to the table (so to speak) and bring your food to life, with the correct lighting and equipment, with minimal editing.  We grasp the atmosphere of your establishment and create a photo that allows you to virtually smell and taste what is being photographed.  

We offer photo sessions that work within your budget, to bring you the best return on your investment.  No matter what your industry or who your customers are, your business needs to attract and engage with people. You have a very short amount of time to grab attention—a little over 8 seconds, according to a recent study.  A large percentage of our brains are devoted to visual processing, and we’re wired to be attracted to bright colors and impactful imagery.  Appealing pictures are essential, whether it’s on your website, your billboards, your printed materials or your social media.  There is a reason that everyone goes crazy for food photography — not only does it make you hungry as you scroll through Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest, it also makes you want to go to your favorite restaurants!  All businesses need quality photography on their site to look professional. However, restaurants have it particularly challenging as food photography is something that takes an accessional skill to capture properly.  We know exactly how to style, light, shoot, and edit your food photos. Further, we also know how to capture your restaurant environment and present your image in the best possible light. All of this helps to increase business and get more traffic to your door.  We would love to be your photographer of choice!

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We thought we would have a little fun with a quick comparison with a popular burger, that we are all familiar with...

We definitely didn't spend much time on this example, but wanted you to see a true comparison and show you the difference between what you or your customers shoot with a cell phone and what we can do for you.  The photos below are the exact same burger.  One is taken with a Motorola Droid Turbo 2, with a 21MP camera, just the way we brought it home.  And the other is a very quick version of what we turned it into.  If we can do this with this burger, just imagine what we can do with your, already amazing culinary cuisine.  

Pricing & Packages
2 Hour On-Site Session                                  =                                                 $450.00
10 Fully Edited Photos
4 Hour On-Site Session                                  =                                                 $800.00
20 Fully Edited Photos
8 Hour On-Site Session                                 =                                                  $1400.00
40 Fully Edited Photos
With all photos, we give you full commercial print release rights to use all images as you see fit.  We also give you full high resolution photos, to be used in any print or large print needs, along with web ready photos to be used on your website or social media outlets.  Photo are sent to you by digital download.  *If you are needing more than the allowed edited photos per session, you may purchase additional edits with any session at $25 per image.
If you have a special project where you are needing just single images, our per image pricing is below:
Per Image Pricing                                           =                                                     $60.00
Fully Edited Photos
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(*Pricing good for first time clients only.)
*3 Hour On-Site Session                                 =                                                  $450.00
15 Fully Edited Photos
If one of our packages is not quite what you are looking for, please contact us and we would be glad to work with you and your budget to create a custom package that fit your needs.
**All session require a $200 non-refundable deposit at time of booking. With remaining due the day of your session.
** Not travel fees within 60 miles of Washington, Iowa.  $1 per mile one-way over 60 miles. **
***  Video Production Coming Soon  ***
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